Driving Value from AI in Insurance: where machines are impacting experience, efficiency and profitability
Much discussed, yet often misunderstood, it’s clear that AI is set to dominate the global Insurance sector for the foreseeable future – and Canada is no different.

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Despite being a somewhat nascent discipline within insurance, technological advancements mean carriers recognize the potential of AI to cut costs, improve customer experience and generate sustainable long-term growth.

We spoke to Scotiabank and Sunlife to get their views on how Canada’s insurance market should approach AI integration and where it can expect to garner the best results.

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  • Turn Your Organization into an Innovation Engine: Learn to embed AI and innovation throughout your organization from boardroom to call-center, ensuring continual delivery of efficient, customer-centric and cost-saving initiatives
  • Know Your Customer in Greater Detail Than Ever Before: Discover how AI can revolutionize the customer experience, and enable seamless, agile service with a 360° view of your customer
  • Optimize Internal Procedures for Greater Speed and Efficiency: From automated underwriting, straight-through claims processing and seamless customer service, discover the tools to build a future-proof insurance carrier, with efficiency and innovation at the core

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Download the Whitepaper: Driving Value from AI in Insurance: where machines are impacting experience, efficiency and profitability

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