A Bold New Insurance World: How do you stack up against innovation leaders?
300+ senior insurance executives giving you the breakdown of the most transformative technologies and how they are reshaping the industry
By 2025 we will have over up to one trillion connected devices.

You have 5 years to quickly adopt innovative technology. A recent survey by Reuters Events said that only 24% responders said they feel they are ready. Are you really ready?.
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Carriers must position themselves to respond to the changing business landscape, so we developed a one of kind infographic with the help of over 300 insurance executives to help you build your investment strategy for the future. 

Get the exclusive insights on how to navigate through insurance transformation, including:

  • Find the silver bullet for innovation: There are many distractions in the form of new technologies, and with limited time and budget, it is vital for carriers to understand what will have the biggest impact on both customer and business efficiency
  • Leverage innovative and connected technologies: How to deliver greater business impact across your organization using technologies such as AI, ML, IoT, Blochian and more
  • It’s not just about the technology: From cultural change to redesigning processes, discover the areas that will help you set an innovation strategy to deliver real business change
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Discover maximize AI integration and data efficiency to empower technology-led insurance including insight on how to:

  • Become innovative at your core: Discover the true value of innovation to your core processes, accelerate underwriting, fast-track claims and product development
  • Maximize innovation impact: Find the maximum value for each disruptive technology and create a clear plan to improve business efficiency and customer experience
  • Move beyond single technology implementation: Discover how to implement multiple technologies to infuse the whole value chain and stay ahead of your competition
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Infographic: Key steps to successfully innovate in insurance industry

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